Over 50,000 People Have Received Assistance Since the Launch of Helping to Leave Project

The project operates as a round-the-clock evacuation hotline for Ukrainians from military conflict areas and Russia
Who Can Get Help
Residents of Ukraine, Ukrainian refugees in Russia
How to Get Involved
Make a donation, become a volunteer
“Helping to Leave” is one of the largest volunteer projects aiming to coordinate the evacuation of people from Ukraine and provide them with financial, informational and psychological assistance.

“In the first weeks of the war we deployed a volunteer network and technical infrastructure, necessary to manage the flows of information. Now more than 200 of our volunteers help about 1,000 people a day... Sometimes just sharing accurate information is enough to help someone stay safe. In more complex cases, the evacuation process can take weeks. We stay in touch with those in need until we make sure they are in a safe place”.
"Psychotherapists from all over the world provide psychological support for everyone who needs help right now: those who were forced to leave Russia quickly; those who have been living outside of Russia for a long time and are now faced with rejection on the basis of nationality; those who have made the difficult decision to stay in Russia".

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