Immigrants from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia Created a Community for Cultural Cooperation and Mutual Assistance in Switzerland

"LYUDẎ" brings together people who share common, supranational values and culture, regardless of their nationality and religion.
"Among us there are cultural workers, musicians, artists and people from various other professions, who are united by active citizenship and liberal values.

Russia's war in Ukraine has broken our hearts. We are against the war, against the deaths of people in Ukraine, against political repression and arbitrary rule in Russia, and also against interethnic tensions in Europe, which has become our second home."

The main activities of the community are concentrated around organising social, charitable and cultural actions designed to provide channels of aid, bring people together for common activities, promote ideas of cultural solidarity, and support both individual activists and charities.

Among the community's urgent tasks are fundraising to help victims of the war in Ukraine and reduce interethnic discord. "LYUDẎ" is ready to cooperate with everyone who is ready to help and support everyone who needs help.

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