How Our Lives Have Changed Since 24 February

Journalists from the now closed Tomsk media outlet TV2 launched the project
"24/02/2022. Eyewitnesses".
"Eyewitnesses" tells the stories of ordinary people about how they reacted to the start of the war and how they live now, in the new reality. Doctors, engineers, programmers, teachers, retired — some of them have left everything behind and left Russia, some simply did not have that opportunity, while others took a principled decision to stay in the country.

The project was launched by former journalists from Tomsk TV channel TV2 together with their colleagues from other Russian media. New episodes are released on their Youtube channel, and you can send your story to Telegram:
— "I'm not ready for my child to live in a country among Nazi symbols. He will
have to keep quiet about what he thinks. He will have to deceive, to call white
— "I was fired for refusing to participate in the ‘Crimea is ours’ flash mob."
“Our people can't understand that we've come to restore order in another
— "It turns out you can wipe out a European city in the 21st century"
— "You will have a hard time trying explaining to children who have lost their parents that there are good Russians too."

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