What Future to Expect for Russia

On January 17th, the Zima Club held a public discussion in support of True Russia between Sergei Guriev, professor of economics at Sciences Po Paris, and the financier and writer Oleg Radzinsky
The meeting, held at University College London (UCL), was attended by over three hundred people. True Russia will send all the money raised to humanitarian aid projects for victims of war.

The interlocutors talked about the future of Russia and of the world after the war is over, the effectiveness of Western sanctions and the oil embargo, democracy and dictatorship, those who left and those who stayed.

  Viewers who asked questions were interested in knowing why the ratings of Russian politicians are not falling despite recent events, what history will be taught to new generations and whether circumstances may arise in which speakers would return to Russia.

  "True Russia" continues to raise funds to help Ukraine and would welcome any support from you!

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