Foreign Languages for Political Immigrants

At Nomad.Speakeasy volunteers teach refugees and political immigrants for free and provide advice on adapting in another country

The project of assistance in learning foreign languages appeared as a response to the appearance of a great number of people, forced to leave their homeland and find themselves in unfamiliar conditions, not always speaking the language of the country they managed to leave for.

Project’s volunteers provide free individual and group lessons in 30+ foreign languages, teaching from scratch and helping to restore the level. You can also sign up for a consultation, where they will answer questions of everyday life, help you to write a CV or prepare for a job interview.

The creators of Nomad.Speakeasy call for honesty and remind that their resources are limited, so you should not take the opportunity to learn a language for free if you are not in critical circumstances and simply like to travel or are eager to learn new things:  "For some, languages are a hobby, and for others, now is the only way to adapt to a new life. Let's value each other's time and energy."

At Nomad.Speakeasy, new teachers who are willing to share their knowledge and time are always welcome.

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