New Analytical Media about Russia — a Review of Global Expertise and Expert Team’s Own Research

Political scientist Kirill Rogov launched Re: Russia. Expertise, Analysis & Policy Network, an expertise and discussion platform aiming to address key issues of Russian politics, economy and society

Kirill Rogov: "Project RE: RUSSIA. EXPERTISE, ANALYSIS & POLICY NETWORK is designed as an expert network and an expert hub where we will try not only to create and collect expertise and analysis on the processes in and around Russia, which unfortunately are so dramatic, but also to constantly monitor the expert reports, studies and significant data on Russia which appear on various sites, sometimes inaccessible and sometimes written in obscure language, but which help us understand what is happening. We will strive to look at Russia from inside and outside at the same time, trying to overcome the provincialism of the Russian discourse of “specialness””.

Among the first materials is an article by oil and gas markets analyst Sergei Vakulenko entitled "Embargo Dilemmas: Why Energy Wars Are Inevitable and What They Might Lead To and a review by Mikhail Komin and Kirill Rogov "An imposed consensus. What Polls Say About Support for the War and Whether They Can Be Believed” in which authors analyze all available polling data, collected by large sociological centers and independent pollster teams, and summarized key arguments of the current debate and polling results.

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