Online School for Children Who Dropped out Because of War

The Nomadic Tardigrade school is open to everyone regardless of their country of citizenship or place of residence
The tardigrade is the toughest creature in the world, a microscopic invertebrate that can freeze in the cold or freeze to death when there is no food and then come back to life again  "The nomadic tardigrade” is a school for children deprived of their usual education due to the war.

“We don't divide people by colours and we won't find out whether your home has turned to rubble or your regular life had been otherwise disrupted. For us, any child who is no longer able to study is in trouble. If you are in a difficult situation and your children cannot go to school, all classes are free. We do not only work for refugees. We would be happy to become an online supplementary education school for you.”

The school exists solely on private donations.

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