Psychological Assistance for Russian-Speaking Immigrants in Tbilisi

The Andrey Rylkov Foundation calls for support for the Community Centre it has established
Who is the Organizer
The Andrey Rylkov Foundation
The Andrey Rylkov Foundation has been working on the humanisation of drug policy since 2009, and has developed extensive experience in building support systems in difficult situations and providing mental health care for the most vulnerable.
After the outbreak of war, several people from the foundation's team moved to Georgia and found that many people in their surroundings needed serious psychological help: war and dictatorship had touched everyone and not everyone could easily find the strength to resist this destructive force.

Thus the idea of a community centre was born, but even before the premises were available, the team of the centre began to provide assistance online. It already has three psychologists, one psychiatrist, one HIV and hepatitis peer counsellor, and seven volunteers trained in harm reduction and mental health support. Therefore, it is possible to sign up for counselling now.

The project now needs money in order to do some refurbishment of the premises, purchase furniture and equipment, after which the centre can open offline.

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