A Telegram Bot and a Project to Help Refugee Women in Poland

"Martinka" by Anastasia Podorozhnaya helps Ukrainian women survive the effects of violence, get support, legal and medical help
Who Can Get Help
Ukrainian refugee women in Poland

Anastasia Podorozhnaya has lived in Poland for a long time and has been blogging about sexualized violence in this conservative country with the strictest anti-abortion laws and limited access to emergency contraception. She decided to use her experience and knowledge to help Ukrainian refugee women coming to Poland and made a helpline.

"Martinka greets you with a message in one of four languages — depending on which interface you have. Then she tells you what she knows how to do. In the future, I want to be able to use it to send a distress signal, like a code word, and our organization will then contact the police. That will be available soon.

You can turn to Martinka when you need to go together to the police station, help with translation, when a woman needs medical or psychological help, when you just need someone to consult with.

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