Help for Activists on their Way to Safety

"Vyvozhuk" offers accompaniment, counselling, helps in finding a roof and taking yourself  out in the most difficult situations

"We all are against war and dictatorship in various forms, and our task is to help as many fine travellers as possible stay sane and free.

 The project team takes on difficult cases where a person has little chance of maintaining their freedom or crossing the border on their own to take refuge in a safe place. "We help people who have survived a search; people under house arrest; people who are forced to stay home for bad behaviour; people with surveillance bracelets; people who have been designated as suspects; people with a large number of administrative cases over the year and with the threat of those cases being reclassified; people who have faced torture by the police. We only help people who have been mobilised if they are being mobilised as retaliation by the authorities for political activism. 

To apply for help, you need to fill out a questionnaire. Before completing the questionnaire, Vyvozhuk will ask you to install the messenger Element and create an account there.

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