Voices of Russians Against the War

"Witnesses Against War" collects and translates into English texts already published and specially written for the project, recording the sentiments and thoughts of Russians who oppose the war
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The witnesses project has been created by journalists from London and Moscow: "We consider it our duty to keep a truthful documentary record of the attitudes, thoughts, emotions, worries, fears and hopes of Russians who oppose the war and the regime that unleashed it. This includes those who were forced to stay in Russia, or those who have recently left the country because of this criminal war".

"If you would like to share your testimony about how you have reacted to Putin's aggression in Ukraine, what set of feelings and emotions you have experienced since February 24 and after the start of mobilization; what observations and conclusions you have made for yourself, how your attitude to events has changed over time, and what you expect from the future — write us."

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